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PhpNuke and spinoffs of PhpNuke is the software behind many websites. Intelligence, hard work and effort are displayed here, as NukeFind presents PhpNuke powered websites for your review. If you run one of these websites please add yours and show off your personal efforts. Google reads this database nicely and will find you.

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 Php-Nuke websites worldwide
pertaining to anime
 Nuke powered sites
about automobiles, concepts,
customized, car racing
and more
Block and Modules(34)
 Sites that develop, distribute,
and improve Block and Modules
for Php-Nuke
Cities and Towns(13)
 Cities, communities, Chamber
of commerce, and sites
that promote their
geographic area.
College and University(10)
 Nuke powered sites
about college life,
sports, frats, recruiting,
Complaint Sites(4)
 Php-Nuke sites for consumers,
advocates, watchdogs,
whistleblowers and
complaint sites.
 Php-Nuke driven sites
about computer, computer hardware,
software, sales and service
 Sites running the CPG-Nuke
content management system.
Current Events(10)
 Php-Nuke driven sites
which discuss current
events both nationally
and internationally.
Designs and Templates(18)
 Php-Nuke sites that offer
website design, templates,
icons, graphics.
Development - Primary Code(10)
 Site that specialize in the
development of Php-Nuke
Dogs, Cats, Pets(9)
 Nuke powered sites about
dogs, cats, pets, family
pets, AKC, registered breeds,
and related
Faith Based(18)
 Faith based Php-Nuke
driven websites. Includes
organizations, institutions, and
Family and Parenting(13)
 Nuke driven sites that
specialize in family, home
childhood, and parenting
Fitness and Health(7)
 Nuke sites about health,
fitness, workouts, forms
of excercise, and more
Freeware and Shareware(10)
 Freeware and Shareware
sites running on Nuke
 Gamer's Nuke websites, sites
that support games, modules
and blocks of ported
Golf and Golfing(2)
 Nuke sites about
golf, golfing, golf
tours, courses, how-to
 Php-Nuke Driven sites
that teach, sell, help,
or specialize in guitars
Help Sites(41)
 Sites that offer help,
documents, how-to's
and setup information
for Php-Nuke
Historic Restoration(1)
 Php-Nuke sites about
historic homes, buildings
and structures, and
the restoration thereof
Includes covered bridges
History and Historians(3)
 Php-Nuke sites for
historians, or about history
in general
 Nuke driven sites pertaining
to Internet Relay Chat
 Php-Nuke sites that
offer listing, links,
webrings and link
exchange programs.
 Php-Nuke sites about
Linux, the Linux
operating system, press
releases, information
vendors, more Linux
Magazines and periodicals(12)
 Nuke sites specializing in
or sites that publish
magazines and/or
 Nuke sites that discuss,
medical conditions
Movies and TV(13)
 Php-Nuke powered sites
dedicated to movies,
television, actors, actresses,
 Php-Nuke powered sites about or for
music, music fans,
bands, lyrics, cover art
and cd ripping, software
 Nuke sites powered by the variation MyPHPNuke.
NSN Nuke(4)
 NSN Nuke powered websites
are listed here. See
the NSN Nuke testbed on
our main page (
 This is the NukeFind live site zone
Osc Nuke(2)
 Shopping cart ported
to Nuke. Osc
sites and support
Over 18 or 21(23)
 Php-Nuke powered
sites where content
triggers the flagging
 phpBB running under
any version of
Nuke, ports, mods,
 Php-Nuke driven sites
relating to politics
political issues
and international
political news
Pro Anglers(2)
 Fishing, Bass fishing, professionals,
clubs, associations, with
Php-Nuke websites
 Sites with errors or
under construction.
These listings may be
deleted. If your site
was moved here, fix it!
Real Estate(7)
 Php-Nuke driven Real Estate
sites, realtors sites and such.
RSS and XML(1)
 Php-Nuke sites that specialize
in RSS and XML programming,
software, scripts, or
news distribution.
Security Sites(4)
 Sites that offer security
fixes, discussions, updates
and patches for
 Nuke powered sites relating to
major sports worldwide,
such as boxing, football, soccer,
more. Professional sports.
 Sites that offer themes
for Php-Nuke.
Themes are the primary
emphasis of these sites.
X-Box and Playstation(2)
 Nukers specializing in
X-Box and Sony Playstation
game systems
Your Php-Nuke Site(128)
 List your Php-Nuke website
here if it does not
in the other

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